Mineral Insulated Heating Cables Applications

Mineral insulated heating cables use an electric heating wire of one or more alloys as the heat source. High-purity, high-temperature, electro-fused crystalline magnesium oxide is used as the heat-conducting insulator.

Continuous stainless steel or copper tubes are used as sheathing. This heating cable is manufactured using a special production process.

mineral cable
Mineral Heating Cable

If it needs to be used in a strongly corrosive environment, it can be covered with PE or with a smoke-free and halogen-free cable sheath. The mineral insulated heating cable works on the principle that once the line is energized, heat is generated.

The amount of heat generated is determined by the voltage and resistance across the line. Current passes through the heating wire of the cable and its electrical energy can be converted into efficient heat.

Mineral insulated and plastic insulated

The components of mineral insulated heating cables are all inorganic. So, they have long service life, do not age easily and have high compressive strength. And most models use manganese copper for conductors (cobre como conductor). Their resistance does not change with temperature.

The conductors of plastic heating cables currently on the market are made of copper and are tinned. And their resistance varies with temperature. In addition, their outer sheath is plastic and the shielding is steel-belted (apantallamiento de cinturón de acero). They are bound to deteriorate over long periods of operation. It is also not possible to operate these cables at high temperatures for long periods of time. Therefore, mineral insulated heating cables have an absolute technical advantage over plastic heating cables.

Composition of mineral insulated heating cables

  • Metallic heating element: single-wire or multi-wire composition, long life of the heating material
  • Metallic shielding: eliminates electromagnetic fields and has no effect on people’s health
  • Waterproof metal sheath: 100% protection against water leakage, high reliability
  • Reinforced metal sheath: increased tensile and compressive strength for use in various environments
  • Magnesium oxide insulation: high voltage and temperature resistance
Mineral Insulated heating cable
Heating Cable

Mineral insulated heating cable technology

The mineral insulated heating cable pipe anti-freeze system uses an extremely reliable electrical heating technology. It can heat pipes, fluids or other process equipment that need to be insulated against freezing. It can replenish the heat lost by the fluid and control its temperature to keep it within allowable limits.

This technology is suitable for antifreeze treatment of various piping systems and process equipment, valves and tanks. For example: water supply and building drainage pipelines, domestic hot water pipelines, oil transmission pipelines, other high viscosity liquid pipelines, etc.

The snow and ice melting system with mineral insulated heating cable can be used to melt snow and ice on ramps, bridges, roadways, walkways, parking lots, outdoor stairs and other outdoor facilities. Maintain pedestrian safety.

The system can also be used for special pavements such as asphalt, concrete and masonry. When this system is installed, snow and ice are eliminated at all times. Traffic accidents are reduced and pedestrian and vehicle safety is increased.

The mineral insulated heating cable heating system prevents the ground from freezing. It has low maintenance costs and is safe and reliable. It is suitable for floor heating in sports fields, all-season squares and garden lawns. It is easy and economical to install and use. It can save money on frost protection and lawn maintenance.

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