Global Fiber Optic Blowing Equipment Market to Grow at a CAGR of 4.8%

MarketsandMarkets has published a new research report “Cable Blowing Equipment Market by Power, Cable Type and Region- Global Forecast to 2027”. The report estimates that the fiber optic blowing equipment market will grow from $105 million in 2022 to $133 million in 2027. And it will grow at a CAGR of 4.8% between 2022-27.

What is the fiber optic blowing equipment?

Fiber optic cable blowing method is to use high pressure air flow to blow the cables into the pre-buried tubes. The blower can blow compressed air at high pressure and speed into the silicone core tube. The high-pressure air flow pushes the air seal piston. The air seal piston attached to the end of the fiber optic cable thus creates an adjustable and uniform tension on the cable.

At the same time, the hydraulic track conveyor of the fiber optic blower grabs the fiber cable (cable de fibra) and transports it forward. This forms a conveying force. The combination of the pulling force and the conveying force allows the cable to move quickly through the duct in suspension together with the high-speed air flow.

fibers optic
Fiber Optic Cable

Advantages of fiber optic blower for cable laying

1. Compared with other fiber optic cable laying methods, the tension on the cable is more uniform and much lower by the blower.

2. The laying process is simplified. And it speeds up the laying of fiber optic cables.

3. If the laying distance is long, the longer fiber optic spools can be used. This will reduce the number of splices and electrical cable losses.

4. With the help of the cable blower, the opgw fibers (cable de fibra OPGW) can easily overcome the bends.

5. The number of holes can be drastically reduced in the pipe route.

6. The laying operation requires less manpower.

7. It provides greater safety in laying operations.

8. Compared to other equipment, blowers are the most cost effective.

Factors affecting the operating distance of the cable blowing machine

Usually, a cable blowing machine can blow the cable 1000m-2000m distance. In practice, the following factors affect the length of the blown fiber optic cable:

1. Terrain and topography and the quality of silicon core tube laying. When the route is relatively flat, and the silicon core tube laying is relatively straight, the speed and length of the blowing cable is more ideal. Silicon core tube laying, the bottom of the trench should be straight, silicon core tube should be as little as possible continuous left and right and up and down bending.

2. The ratio of the outer diameter of the fiber optic cable to the inner diameter of the plastic pipe.

3. The weight per unit length of the fiber optic cable and the outer skin material.

4. The selection of the blowing point of the cable. In the up and down slope of the lot, as far as possible to choose the location from the top to the bottom blowing.

5. The performance parameters of the air compressor.

6. Construction Times ambient temperature and humidity.

fiber optic blower
Fiber optic blowing equipment

Factors influencing the fiber optic blower market

The key factors driving the growth of the fiber optic blowing equipment market include the increase in IoT connected devices and the consequent demand for fiber optic infrastructure. In addition, the demand for increased information throughput and reliable connectivity is creating significant opportunities for the market.

Fiber optic cable blowing equipment market trends

The electric drive segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR in the fiber optic blower market from 2022 to 2027. And, the general cable segment of this market is estimated to grow at a moderate rate.

The North America region will occupy the second largest market share during the forecast period. Investment in telecom infrastructure is increasing in North America. Demand for cable blowing equipments in the region will continue to grow accordingly.

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